Driver Companion App

Driver Companion App and Reporting Solution

TNS have developed a driver app to provide drivers ongoing support and access to fast, intuitive and immediate solutions to meet their growing needs.


Vehicle Safety Check

To confirm the vehicle meets all safety requirements, the Driver Companion app replicates the process drivers should take before each shift, in checking and recording the vehicle status.

Records of this registration are kept in a log file and can be accessed in a report by your company admin staff.


Driver Training and Resources

Training and Resources allows a network to upload documents and link to YouTube videos to support driver announcements, training and compliance; allowing drivers quick and easy access directly from their smartphone.


Advanced Bookings

The Driver Companion app features a customisable advanced booking menu, allowing you to give granular access to pre-booked jobs, down to the fleet, vehicle or driver.

Administration and Reporting - Screen - Copy

Administration and Reporting

Schedule and run reports, such as NSW government regulated login logout reports.

All reports are exported as convenient .CSV files viewable in a variety of programs, such as Excel or Google Sheets.